Sunday, July 19, 2015

A week . . .went where?

Wow, what a week. It was crazy here. In laws here last weekend, including B's sister and her 2 kids. As I am fond of saving, everything is okay, even the stuff that isn't. And that was that weekend.

The week started off with some promise in the lab - the assay finally started working! Sort of. There is almost no sensitivity at the low end of the range, but at least we are no longer getting uniformly blue plates. I have to order more reagent.

Then the construction started - or maybe the construction started first. I actually think it started first. Anyway, on Wednesday, we lost access to the lab. And half the lab equipment in now in my office. But that's okay. I wish I could say I spent the week productively writing but:

WE GOT THE CALL - everything for the award letter had to be submitted. IRB renewed - in 2 different countries, new translations, new documents, changes to the budget. So, yeah. Awesome news - everything was in on Saturday and we're waiting on final approval. It took a lot of effort on a lot of parts to get everything in. But it is all in!!!!

Friday was an adventure. We had a two year old. In the "we're all in this together" and "it takes a village and a department is a village", we had another TT's kiddo this weekend while they had malaria. Or I had the kiddo and B took him to the ER. It was crazy, and hard, and wonderful, and we feel slightly more confident that we could actually do this - albeit, given the new above, after tenure. I don't know, and the week was crazy, ending in a six mile run today (I did 2 yesterday I think), and my yoga pass running out, our menus being set aside 3 times (kids apparently don't dig grilled salmon with mango and avocado salsa), nor do vomiting husbands.

We did squeeze in a trip to a wolf howl (no howls), and some bad tapas. Overall, in terms of balance, it was a great weekend - we did healthy things, we had a temporary kid and kept him alive, I got in 8 miles (yeah, I cheated yesterday and called my Grandma on mile 2 and talked to her instead of running - best idea ever!), we had a date, and tonight I actually cooked (post tomorrow on what we're eating).

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