Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week 2 - Sabbitical

Blogging fell by the wayside. I can barely keep up with the research blog.

But I'm trying to turn over a new leaf, and reboot myself during year 4. Year 4! I've been TT for 3 full years.

What's going on? Training to run a 10k after injury after injury. I am down to a 9:43/mile for a 5k, with a goal of 9:40/mile (under 30 5k) for my last 5k of the season. According to runkeeper, I've logged 304 miles so far this year, significantly under the target goal. But, I spent May in an ankle boot after a fall and was not back to regular miles until July.

Writing - 3 papers in review (woohoo) with a revisions to a book chapter due mid-month. Two other papers are out for comments. We're halfway done with the lab analyses on two more.  It has been a mad, mad summer of productivity.

I'm also turning into a DIY wedding freak. I'm wrapping vases, making my own invites, maps, info cards, designing the website, and making favors. Plus spray painting welcome bags in my spare time.

Tomorrow is the last evening race of the summer series, then a 10k and 5k and my season is over. I'm planning on doing group runs Thursday morning, so we'll see how that goes. Probably will fade as the weather cools.

Current count
Miles: 304!Only 538 left to go! Probably not going to make this goal - but I am doing a minimum 1.5 miles each day, with long runs on T, Th, Sat.
Meal/dishes: 54. Only 30 left to go! Today was a tasty "science of cookies" experiement. Link: I also think this goal is possible.
Writing: 4 in review; 2 of which are accepted with tiny edits needed. 2 others out for comments. Well on track to make 8/8 this year.

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