Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sunday check in

Another week, and the first with all my pledges and the semester running simultaneously. It was a long week; revisions submitted Monday, revisions to other draft sent Tuesday, full lab days Tuesday and Wednesday,  comments back on Thursday and the Monday revisions accepted, and grant writing Friday and Saturday,  with the grant sent to collaborators just before midnight. We've started the next set of analyses with great success thus far.

The weekend started off rough,  but a nice walk as a lego Ent cheered me up. I am still struggling with balance, as my fitbit can attest - not a lot of sleep. Some of that is fueled by a respiratory infection. The rest was service commitments. 

Role call:
Miles: 10.2! Now under 800!
Recipes: 1. Pear hazelnut muffins. We had way too much pizza this week.
Writing: manuscript accepted! 1/8.

Goals next week:
Revisions, revisions,  revisions.
2 days in the lab.
2-3 new recipes.
10 miles, 3 gym trips.
The week is going to be busy, and as part of my "be kind to yourself", I am being honest with my priorities next week. I am also going to try to prioritize sleep, so I can shake this cold.

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