Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year, New Goals, New Format

I'm revisiting this blog this year, and really repurposing it in many ways. It will be become a bit more personal than most of my online presence. My research blog,, is the place to go for my take on milk science and breastfeeding research. Here will be a bot more personal, a bit more of putting together my life and personal goals for another year on the TT.

Here are the 2014 goals:

Run 842 Miles.

Cook 84 dishes, 75% of which are new recipes. 

Publish 8 articles.

Submit 4 large grants.

Finish 2 new lab protocols.

The personal goals: 
Get my house organized.
Keep my house organized.
Go on a small trip somewhere.
Get married.
Have a nice wedding without going crazy trying to plan it and keep it affordable.

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