Monday, September 7, 2015

Simplify - Summer Capsule Wardrobe

After considerable debate, I decided to give a capsule wardrobe a try. There were two immediate options - Project 333 or Unfancy. Project 333 sounded a bit too restrictive for me, as it includes belts, jewelry, etc, whereas Unfancy allows for 37 items and does not include accessories or jewelry. Of course, as each website details, capsule wardrobes are a "Choose Your Own Adventure" and rule breaking is perfectly fine.

The capsule schedule from Unfancy runs July to September. I wish I had started a month earlier, in June, as my summer wardrobe tends to be much more relaxed than my school year wardrobe. I don't wear shorts on campus (except for weekends if I have to run in to prep or check on something), and I'm ideally only on campus a few days a week during the summer. For June and July, I've been in 4 days a week; for August the goal is once a week. I tend to get less writing done when I am on campus working on projects with students. For example, I got 2 papers and 2 grants out in May. But I have only submitted 2 papers since (6 weeks).

Assembling the capsule wardrobe therefore, required splitting clothes between casual summer wear and clothes appropriate for teaching come late August. The next capsule will also be off - October,  December, January. I'll be in the field for November and will be in field gear.

What did I end up with?
Five pairs of shoes. The recommended number was 9. I picked black flats, copper flats, and brown flats, chacos, and black heels. Not counted: running shoes, hiking boots, beach flip flops.

Five dresses. Two casual, two work, one that can go both ways.

Two skirts. One orange, one black.

Four pairs of pants. Two work, two casual. No jeans.

Three pairs of shorts: grey, beige, purple. The grey and beige are replacement shorts for shorts I had had since 2006. They are the only new items I purchased for the capsule.

Thirteen tops. Three sleeveless, 4 t-shirts, the rest nice tops for work.

Five cardigans. In blue, black, grey, white, and brown.

Not counted: running clothing, yoga pants, two pajama pants, and the torn clothes for painting.

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