Friday, January 1, 2016

New year, new goals

I am gearing up for the new year, and once again willing to try blogging. I think the reality is I really want to blog - but life gets in the way. Life gets in the way a lot. But, with my tenure portfolio due in the fall, this really is my last year on the tenure track. So let's set some goals and work on accountability!

Goal 1: Run 842 miles, including a half marathon. Note - I am counting field miles hiked in this category.

Goal 2: I need 4-6 more papers to have an out of the park tenure case. So I need to write those by mid-summer and get them submitted. 

Goal 3: Get the lab SOP and protocols revised and up to date. This is HUGE!

Goal 4: Reduce our debt. We have a lot of student loan debt, and I'd like to make $12,000 in headway. This is situated against my unemployed husband, so I am the sole breadwinner, and the fact that my contract forbids a second job. 

Goal 5: KonMari my house and renovate my kitchen!

Goal 6: Blog here minimum 2x week (100 posts, ugh!) and there once a month. 

Let's do this!

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