Monday, January 4, 2016

The January Cure & Kitchen Remodel, Day 1

Today is day 1 of the kitchen upgrade, and day 4 of the January Cure! I am behind on The Cure - tearing up the kitchen will do that. The floors are not done (this weekend? Next?). Today I made my project list for the house and it went like this:

Hallway: clean and scrub front and back of door
Clean stairs
Clean recycling corner
Fix loose screw

Living/Dining room
Do something about that rug.
New carpet
Clean out fireplace

Redo cabinets
Redo contact paper
Paint falls
Get containers to store dry goods in

Spray paint wicker chest
Close off that door
Organize husband's closet

Hang art
Fix the running toilet - actually going to do that one today
Touch up paint

Hang art
Hang 100 Nos

For my Jan project, I will be doing the kitchen cabinets, contact paper, and painting.

Post tonight on Day 1 - I need to go to Lowe's for now.

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