Friday, January 8, 2016

The kitchen, Day 3

Today is day 3 for the kitchen project. Day 2 was a wash - I spent the day at work and nothing got done in the kitchen. However, today I hit the project hard and early, and got both coats of primer done!

For priming, I used Zinnser's Bulleye 1-2-3, as recommended on several home design blogs and how to guides. It went on pretty easily. This wave of the project probably took 3 hours for the first coat and 2 for the second coat. I did not sand between coats - that may have been a mistake.

For now, I am focusing only on the top cabinets. After the top cabinets are done, I will do the bottom cabinets - likely this weekend. The doors will be a longer term project.

January Cure update: My outbox runs over - I think we have 8 bags now.

Running update: no additional miles today. I was exhausted from 2 coats of primer and skipped the workout.

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